Clear Glass

Glass is a translucent material that allows light to go through. The nature of regular glass has a slight green tone in it, especially when looking at its edges. The color of the green tone is determined by the thickness and the size of the glass. There are 10 different thicknesses which are for different purpose of use.

2mm = 3/32" 8mm = 5/16"
3mm = 1/8" 10mm = 3/8"
4mm = 5/32" 12mm = 1/2"
5mm = 3/16" 15mm = 5/8"
6mm = 1/4" 19mm = 3/4"

- Windows normally use 3mm to 6mm thick glass

- Interior windows normally use 6mm glass which is installed by using woodstops or U-Channel

- Table Tops normally use 6mm if sitting on a table. If people use it as a table top alone, usually the thickness range from 10mm-19mm. Most people will use 12mm as a standard thickness or some people may prefer to use 15mm to 19mm for luxury.

- Glass shelvings are normally 6mm to 19mm; depending on the size and the weight of things that people put on it.

Safety Glass

There are mainly two types of safety glass:

1.  Tempered Glass

Tempering is a thermo treatment to an annealed glass and is normally 6 to 7 times stronger than regular glass. When it breaks, it shatters into thousands of small pieces so that any cutting injuries will be reduced to a minimum.

2.  Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a vinyl film in between 2 pieces of glass. When it breaks, the film will stick the glass together so that any cutting injury will be almost eliminated. The glass are all clear glass; however, the vinyl film in between can be in clear, white, or any other colors. The laminated glass provides an endless spectrum of transparent or translucent color.

Applications for safety glass are: doors, windows, furniture, railings, shower doors, cabinetry, etc. especially when strength is required and movable panels, ie. swing doors.

Bullet-Resistant Glass is a transparent glass panel which combines the strength and feature of tempered glass, laminated glass and polycarbonate.


Pattern Glass

- Pattern Glass is a glas with a textured surface or graphic so that image behind will not be shown in order to create a privacy window

- It allows light to pass through it

- It could also enchance the beauty of home


Water Glass     Factrolite     Pinhead     Glue Chip

 3mm Water Glass          3mm Factrolite               3mm Pinhead              3mm Glue Chip


Pinreed     Clear Artic     Clear Delta     Sandblasted Delta

  4mm Pinreed           4mm Clear/Amber Artic      4mm Clear Delta      4mm Sandblasted Delta


Clear Cathedral     Square     Rain     Narrow Reed

4mm Clear/Amber Cathedral        5mm Square                5mm Rain               4mm Narrow Reed


Master Ray     Master Carrie     Master Lynn     Master Lens

4/6/8mm Master Ray   4/6/8mm Master Carrie  4/6/8mm Master Lynn    4/6/8mm Master Lens


Master Point     Ripple     Pebble     100RR    

4/6/8mm Master Point        3mm Ripple                 3mm 100GG                 3mm 100RR


Niagara     Seedy     GCW     GPW

 5mm Clear Niagara        3mm Clear Seedy             6mm GCW                    6mm GPW



Clear Mirror is glass with silver backing which reflects image. image.

Smoke Glass/Mirror is glass with specific color tinted on it, ie, bronze, grey, blue, etc.

Mirrorpane / one way mirror is mirror which work with light. From the dark side, people will be able to see the bright side; therefore, people will use it as security purpose.

Reflective Glass is the glass with coating for specific purpose that also reflect like mirror but still able to see through, ie, eclipse, solar, low E


Starphire Glass

Regular glass has a green tone in it, however, there is a clear glass called "Starphire" Glass which has less green tone compare to the regular glass.

- It provides the maximum transparency

- Maximizes the light transmission

- Provides more brightness and clarity to the area

Starphire    Clear Glass

          Starphire Glass                           Clear Glass

* Note: Starphire glass still has a slight green tone in it. It is not completely crystal-clear. The color of the green tone is determine by the thickness and the size of glass. Different batch of glass may have different color of green tone even if it is coming from the same manufacturer.